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Being a learner: Students’ experience of nurse lecturers during practicum

The purpose of this presentation is to share a research project which explores student experiences of clinical lecturers during practicum. The presentation will report on data concerning student experiences of dialogue with nurse lecturers, and how learning is supported in clinical environments.

Learning in clinical environments is a key aspect of the Bachelor of Nursing pre-registration programme. Nurse lecturers assist students’ knowledge acquisition in practicum to become safe nursing practitioners making informed clinical judgments. Nursing students have limited situational and ready-to-hand knowledge of how to approach clinical scenarios. Therefore, this research explores student experiences of dialogue with nurse lecturers in practicum, and how learning is supported in practicum.

A purposive sample of three third-year nursing students from two different education providers were interviewed, with data analysed using an interpretive phenomenological approach.

Being a Learner
emerged as the central theme with three sub-themes evident; experiencing the unfamiliar, being good in clinical environments, and professional sense-making. Support through dialogue with nurse lecturers provides a significant source of safety for students, especially when faced with challenging situations in practicum.

Nurse lecturers enhance learning opportunities by listening to student experiences and providing strategies to help students make sense of clinical situations. Lecturers encourage growth and enhance reflective skills of students using ready-to-hand clinical situational knowledge, lecturers encourage growth and enhance reflective skills of students. Education providers who prepare nurse lecturers sufficiently, enable students to feel supported and valued, therefore, allowing knowledge acquisition.

Key words: student nurse; education; clinical learning; nurse lecturer; reflection.