Alexa Hantler & Kathy Monson

1503 – Looking back at five years of a blended online BN curriculum from a faculty perspective

The blended online approach to teaching and learning has become common in the delivery of Bachelor of Nursing curricula, both in New Zealand and overseas within the last two decades.  There is considerable literature evaluating its effectiveness to date both from the student and faculty perspectives.

This presentation will outline the findings of a research project that aims to explore the experiences of nursing faculty who have been involved with a blended online Bachelor of Nursing curriculum since its introduction five years ago in a New Zealand regional tertiary institution.  The aim is to not only reflect on the past five years, but inform the next five as well. While the BN curriculum we are investigating has been evaluated many times by students, there has been to date no evaluation from the faculty perspective. This research project is currently in progress, with a completion date of August 2017.

Nursing faculty members who have been and/or are currently involved with the development and delivery of a blended online BN curriculum will be approached, and a focus group interview will be held.  Data analysis will be based on strategies described by Benner (1994). This paper will present results, conclusions and recommendations that emerge from the data analysis.

Key words  Teaching; blended learning; nursing; faculty.