Alison Saunders & Sue Ganley

602 – Perfect practice makes practice perfect

Introduction and background

This presentation will describe the learning opportunities in 3D simulation.  NurseSim is a hands-on internet-based program that allows students to embed themselves into a virtual world of clinical practice.  The learning of a student is enhanced through the “see, try, and apply” model of the simulation.  Learners are first shown (see), then guided through (try) and then asked to carry out (apply) procedures that follow industry best practice.

Students from across the State are viewing and using consistent workplace best practice as their learning tool.  NurseSim allows students to practice and improve skills at home on their devices prior to on-campus practical workshops and clinical placements.

Lecturers report that students are arriving better prepared for clinical workshops, are more able to recall clinical practices and ask more informed and deeper questions. Students report they feel better prepared for clinical practice weeks and have a bank of knowledge to draw from when discussing the application of the clinical skills in a workshop setting.

The inclusion of 3D simulation has allowed for students to develop higher order thinking and a sense of enquiry whilst attending the clinical simulation workshop and enriching their learning experience. Students can also reinforce and perfect their skills at home at any time after on-campus workshops, and before or during clinical placements in a rich 3D environment.

An analysis of student experience and outcomes and the impact on lecturers and the classroom experience will be presented.

Key words: Clinical simulation, 3D simulation, NurseSim, higher order thinking