Amanda Scull

902 – Calculating the MedChart factor in ED – A timing methodology

The purpose of this presentation is to share the methodology and results of a timing exercise used to estimate the impact of rolling out an electronic Prescribing and Administration programme in the Christchurch Emergency Department.

The e-prescribing and administration programme called MedChart is mandated by the Ministry of Health for nation-wide use. It has been successfully rolled out across the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) since 2014, with successive rollouts including the single largest roll-out, in Christchurch Hospital campus in December 2016. Christchurch Emergency Department (ED) was planned to roll-out MedChart in February 2017, but due to concerns about the possible impact, the roll-out support team where redeployed to provide the CDHB eMeds Project Board with some metrics for understanding the possible impact of MedChart on Christchurch ED workflow.

The eMeds team successfully developed a methodology involving:

  • timing of real-world medication events
  • timing reconstructed simulation of these events using MedChart in a virtual environment
  • production of a composite time by cutting from the real-world and pasting onto the simulated times

215 events were captured and total times calculated. This produced the important metric we named the MedChart Factor. In addition, timings per event were presented to aide interpretation of results and guide decision-making.

The methodology may be used for repeat measures and in different settings in order to answer the questions: “Should we be doing this?” “What extra resourcing may be required to implement MedChart?”

Key Words: electronic Prescribing & Administration; Emergency Department; MedChart; timing exercise.