Andrew Grant

904 – Engaging paediatric oncology nurses through app-based education

This presentation will demonstrate the effective use of technology to enhance learning in healthcare. The presentation discusses the use of an interactive educational tool for nursing staff on a paediatric oncology/haematology ward.

Paediatric oncology nursing is a specialisation that requires expert knowledge to provide effective care for the patient population. It is well recognised that ongoing nursing education is paramount for building relevant knowledge and furthering expertise. Time is perceived as a key limiting factor in engagement with continued education on the ward. It is also clear traditional lecture style teaching does not provide the most effective means to ensure knowledge retention.

Qstream® is a learning platform that provides clinically relevant questions, reinforced by concise explanations over a spaced period of time. This educational method promotes knowledge retention and takes less than five minutes engagement per day, making it readily accessible to all staff.

Topic-based oncology questions were developed. Participants are given two multiple choice questions per day, matched with a brief explanation that is revealed once the question is answered.  Questions are repeated throughout the module to reinforce knowledge.

Surveys at baseline, 3 months and 12 months will be used to assess and compare perceived barriers to education, motivators for continued development, and current engagement in educational opportunities.

This paper presents the positive outcomes identified in a pilot project and discusses lessons learnt from project implementation. It is anticipated Qstream® will provide an effective and accessible educational tool that will improve learning for nurses.

Key words: interactive educational tool; Qstream.