Annie Kane

104 – Internationally qualified nurses (IQNs) and preceptor support for transition into New Zealand nursing practice

Preceptors are influential in supporting IQNs transition to the New Zealand healthcare environment. This presentation shares research findings concerning the value and effectiveness of preceptors who role model and articulate the Nursing Council New Zealand (NCNZ) competencies as they are enacted in practice.

As part of a Masters thesis, a qualitative multiple case study was undertaken in 2016 to explore the perceptions of four IQNs, concerning the competencies that pertain to patient safety, while they were undertaking a Competency Assessment Programme. Communities of practice theory provided the conceptual framework, allowing an investigation into the effectiveness of preceptorship.

Findings revealed that of the four IQN participants, only one encountered a preceptor that effectively supported the transition process by articulating and role modelling the NCNZ competencies in the clinical environment in a way that was meaningful for the IQN.

A preceptor that can articulate and role model NCNZ competencies in a way that has meaning for an IQN, is essential for guiding the effective transition to nursing in New Zealand. The research finding and the literature, indicate that targeted preceptor support and training appears vital for effective support for the IQN transition process.  Further training will also enhance the skills and awareness of preceptors in their key role in the process.

Key words: IQNs; preceptors; transition to New Zealand nursing practice.