Chelsea Willmott – Poster Teaser

Why do nurses like to eat their young? Are educators contributing to the phenomenon?


This presentation will provide attendees with thought provoking dialogue and challenge assumptions that are based within the reality of nursing culture and horizontal violence. It aims to deliver a perspective beyond the current research, which largely focuses on the prevalence of this phenomenon.


A sociological, anthropological and psychological lens will be used to deconstruct nurse on nurse behaviour and pull apart some of the truths that exist within the workplace and education sector. Throughout the discussion, personal accounts will be injected which are from a variety of contexts and sources and the audience will be invited to interact and share. We will look at the cycle of horizontal violence, debate varying explanations for its existence and question why this culture remains despite nonviolence policies integrated within many NZ DHB’s and educational institutions. Finally, the discussion will conclude with cognitive rehearsal techniques, concepts to support colleagues, students and oneself, reflective inquiry and the importance of self-care strategies.

Above all, this presentation will be a fresh take on this topic, and intends to make an impact.

Key words: self reflection, professional power, horizontal violence, student nurse