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Trials and tribulations of using technology in the classroom – Reflections from a novice!


As the world becomes more digitally active, the use of technology in education is becoming increasingly more common. Whether it has a place in every classroom is a contentious hot topic.


The use within undergraduate nursing programmes has not escaped these developments, but it is probably fair to say that anecdotally the implementation of technology has been predominately the use of simulation to replicate clinical scenarios. There are many different applications, programmes and educational software available to educators. Identifying appropriate tools, understanding their suitability and finding time to become familiar with such technologies can feel like a minefield as a novice user. In an attempt to try ‘new ways’, a journey into the world of apps and software was embarked upon!


This presentation will show-case examples of different applications that have been tried and tested, with the sole aim of enhancing the learning experiences of our nursing students. These include the use of Socratives, One Note Classbook, Moodle and the increased use of digital mobile devices.


The benefits seen so far for the learners have been increased engagement,  development of skills for the future, and improved methods of feedback, whilst one of the benefits for educators has been reduced time marking.

Motivation, enthusaism and a willingness to extend one’s self are key skills required for these challenges.  I will share my lived experiences and offer reflections on the good, the bad and the wouldnt go there again!

Key words: technology; education; reflection.