Danielle Spencer & Christine Baxter

704- Cortex: The future of collaboration, communication and visibility of clinical care

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the development and implementation of Cortex within the Inpatient General Surgical Services at Christchurch Hospital from a Nursing Perspective.  The implementation of new technology can provide opportunities for development and challenges. However, with appropriate support, the opportunity to enhance care delivery reduce inefficiencies and promotes the fact that clear communication is limitless.

Cortex is an operating platform, created by clinicians to provide the ability to not only manage the administration of clinical tasks but also ensures that communication is clearly documented and visible to all members of the care delivery team.   The decision to trial this system, was made as the means to not only reduce waste and inefficiencies within care, but as a way to capture valuable patient journey information, and as part of the Canterbury District Health Board’s commitment to a paperless organisation.

This project was designed to support the role of the medical team however, it soon became apparent that this was a tool that could have significant benefits for the nursing staff, bringing the entire patient journey to all involved in the circle of care.  Input was sought from Nursing Staff as well as the wider Multidisciplinary team to ensure that it met the needs of the end user.

This exciting new technological development has presented many challenges along the way, including opportunities for greater collaboration, a stronger nursing force and a greater focus on patient centric care.

Key words: Cortex operating platform.