David Dewhurst and Mark Harris

The New World Kirkpatrick Model – Getting to Kirkpatrick® Levels 3 & 4:Creating Believable Value

David Dewhurst mark-harris
Ever thought about the learning we provide and the real links to Patient Outcomes? Can we demonstrate that any education we do actually translates to tangible outcomes for our patients? Training is still “on trial,” charged with incurring expenses in excess of the value it provides to the organisation. Training must reinvent itself and transcend the classroom. Attend this session to learn how to structure initiatives so they enhance on-the-job performance, impact on service delivery and patient outcomes. Discover the New World Kirkpatrick Model – the newest way to implement the four levels. This session will focus on tactics at Levels 3 and 4 and provide ideas that any nursing professional can implement in their own organisation.

Application on the Job:

  • Understand why starting with desired results in mind is critical for any initiative to be successful.
  • List specific tactics for influencing on-the-job behaviour.
  • Identify elements of a programme plan that enhance on-the-job behaviour and bottom-line results.

David Dewhurst is a consultant and affiliate with Kirkpatrick Partners in the Australasian region.  He is the co-founder and partner with Mark Harris in GMD Partnerships Ltd, a learning, development and performance business, based in New Zealand.
David has fifteen years experience in coaching and learning and performance development. Prior to this, David held general manager roles in the UK, Europe and New Zealand. David specialises in leadership development, strategic planning and coaching.
David works extensively as a lead facilitator, designing, developing and delivering customised learning and performance solutions in the healthcare, government, not for profit and private sectors. David’s strength is partnering with organisations over the long term to facilitate exceptional performance through their people.

Mark has over 15 years of learning and development experience with a background in operational and quality management. He works extensively as a lead facilitator, developing and delivering customised training for healthcare, government, not-for-profit and private industries. His areas of specialty include leadership development, business improvement, lean thinking and customer care.
Mark is Kirkpatrick Gold Level Certified, a Certified Kirkpatrick Facilitator and affiliate with Kirkpatrick Partners in the Australasian region.  He is the co-founder and partner with David Dewhurst of GMD Partnerships Ltd., a learning, development and performance business located in New Zealand.

Together Mark and David have presented at the 2013 and 2014 AITD conferences in Australia and the 2016 ATD Intenational Conference in Denver, Colorado on their work implementing the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model. They have published several articles and their recent work with IHC NZ has been published in the latest Kirkpatrick book Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation