Dayna Hollings, Michelle Evans & Tania Lurcu – Poster Teaser

Preceptors by design – developing and supporting preceptors of new graduate nurses


The purpose of this presentation is to share the journey of an improvement initiative to develop preceptors’ skills and knowledge to effectively support new graduate transition to practice. The development of our learner-centred workshops will be explained, including content, approach and suggestions for future development opportunities.


The transition of new graduate nurses requires supportive structures, appropriate feedback, positive learning environments and prepared preceptors. The evaluations of the new graduate experience highlighted areas for improvement in the delivery of ongoing support throughout their first year of practice. We developed an interactive workshop, based on adult learning principles to provide preceptors with the knowledge, skills and resources in an interactive, educational and supportive environment. The workshop was facilitated to meet the needs of preceptors of new graduates from a range of clinical areas within the DHB.


Participants’ feedback positively highlighted their need to interact and debrief in a supportive environment, as well as their dedication to provide the necessary support for new graduates. Workshop evaluations have led to the initial 4-hour session being extended to an 8-hour day, with content adapted to meet the learning needs at the time.


When feedback from new graduate nurses identifies areas of their orientation that could be improved, look at the preceptors first. Arm them with the skills, knowledge and resources to successfully support the development of our future workforce!

Key words: Preceptors; new graduate nurse transition; interactive workshop.