Dianne Barnhill

402 – Evaluation of a preceptorship programme

The purpose of this presentation is to share the results of an evaluation of the preceptorship training programme at Counties Manukau (CM) Health and what has been changed and/or implemented since the evaluation.

Preceptorship is considered pivotal to support the orientation and socialisation of nurses into their work environment. At CM Health a two day preceptorship training programme has been running for over 15 years for nursing and midwifery staff. Recently some allied health and technical staff have attended the courses. While participant feedback had always been positive, there were some indications that the principles of preceptorship were not being applied in some areas of our organisation.

This evaluation highlighted that the preceptorship programme is highly valued within the organisation. However, there is inconsistency across the organisation on how the preceptorship principles are applied. A lack of allocation of primary preceptors, workload and poor rostering are considered the main barriers to preceptors undertaking their role effectively. One reason identified for this is the lack of knowledge by managers on preceptorship and their role and responsibilities to successfully orientate new staff.


From the report there were many recommendations. CM Health has reviewed how the preceptorship programme is delivered and while there is still a focus on the actual course, there is now more emphasis on supporting our line managers to ensure that preceptorship is embedded into the work areas of our large organisation.

Key words: Nursing, preceptorship,orientation