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Educational framework for sustainability: Undergraduate nursing students


In this poster, the concept of sustainability is considered, alongside nursing practice and an educational framework.


Sustainability is a relatively new concept emerging in the discipline of nursing. It is a multifaceted concept embedded within a systems framework, influenced by international, national and local factors. Sustainability can be difficult to articulate and evidence in daily nursing practice and therefore difficult to teach to undergraduate nurses.

The Otago Polytechnic School of Nursing, Dunedin, New Zealand has been challenged to ensure our student nurses on graduation can demonstrate they are sustainable practitioners through our institutional philosophy. To meet this challenge there has been considerable background work undertaken, beginning with faculty staff reflecting on what sustainability means in nursing practice.


An in-depth review of literature, development of workshops, curriculum mapping and addressing gaps in sustainability teaching have led the School to develop a model for teaching and articulating sustainable nursing practice.


Through this transformative and innovative practice, we are leading a change in current teaching practice, to meet the needs of nurses to be sustainable practitioners. Sustainability is therefore now well integrated throughout our curriculum and our graduates are ready to practise sustainably in this system we call Earth.

Key words: Sustainability; undergraduate nursing; educational framework; sustainability model; undergraduate nursing curriculum