Georgina Orsborn

802 – Creating engaging eLearning for 21st century nurses using 21st century tools


Ongoing learning is an important aspect of professional nursing practice, from undergraduate nursing to continuing professional development. eLearning offers new possibilities for professional learning,  allowing  learners to access course content any time – any place – at any pace.

eLearning can reduce costs and improve learner experience. In recent years, eLearning content has moved beyond the traditional online readings or following static PowerPoints and online discussions, to the creation of dynamic and interactive activities. This movement has been aided by the surge in the development of ‘rapid authoring tools’.

Rapid authoring tools are powerful platforms that enhance the ability of developers and educators to create interactive meaningful eLearning experiences without the need for programming skills.  With the right support and training, rapid authoring tools such as Captivate, Camtasia, Lectora and Articulate Storyline, allow educators to develop engaging and immersive eLearning activities for online learners. Rapid authoring tools provide new opportunities for nursing educators to create professional, highly engaging content that can be accessed on any device, creating opportunities to create learning experiences that meet 21st century learners’ needs, both in and out of the traditional classroom setting.

Despite the opportunities this offers for nursing education, there is still a limited uptake of rapid authoring tools. This presentation will explore the challenges in relation to the use of rapid authoring tools. The presentation will offer some solutions and showcase examples of nursing content that has been developed using one such tool: Articulate 360, and will explore how nurse educators could use rapid authoring tools in the future.

Key words: Rapid authoring tools; eLearning; Articulate 360.