Jayne Hartwig

1301 – Taking our first steps together: An inter-professional and inter-generational approach to transition support

Transition to Practice Programmes (TPPP’s) are a common way of supporting new Nurses as they transition into the profession. Whilst curriculum content may vary between organisations, the key aims of TPPP’s are similar: helping the graduate nurse to navigate his or her new role.  Traditionally, our organisation has run separate TPPPs for Enrolled Nurses (EN), Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Midwives (RM). However, transition support is also required by non-graduate staff who are transitioning to new roles or organisations.

Recently our organisation began developing a combined transition support curriculum for ENs, RNs and RMs. This work involved not only a review of the curriculum content and structure, but more significantly, education and support to increase the understanding  of the transition journey amongst staff, educators and managers. At the same time, increased awareness of transition support for graduate nurses has also sparked recognition of the need for transition support amongst non-graduate staff who are transitioning within or between organisations.

This presentation will outline the history of transition support at our organisation, and the highs, lows, challenges and successes of creating a transition support curriculum for all nurses and midwives regardless of whether they are graduates transitioning for the first time, or senior staff experiencing subsequent transitions.

Inter-professional, intergenerational  transition support can be utilised as an effective way to help individuals, build teams, create positive work cultures and maximise transition support resources to ensure a positive transition experience for all staff.

Key words: Transition; support; inter-professional; inter-generational.