Jayne Hartwig

302 – Walking alongside graduates: The development of our post-graduate transition support buddy role

Preceptorship roles have always played a vital role in the transition support journey of new nurses and midwives. Preceptors have traditionally provided various supports including (but not limited to) orientation, bedside clinical teaching, encouragement and informal and formal feedback to graduates. However, graduates at the end of their transition to professional practice placements (TPPP),  identified the need for an informal buddy system/role to compliment the support they received from their Preceptors and Educators.

As a result, the “Transition Support Buddy Role” was created and trialled within our Transition Support curriculum. This peer support role compliments the current formal preceptor and educator roles but performs an informal support for transitioning nurses. Significant interest was noted from post-graduates who registered their interest for the role as a way to “give back” to the transition support programme. Following implementation and evaluation of the role, various outcomes were noted.

This presentation will outline the development of our “Transition Support Buddy Role” and explain the function of this peer support initiative within the transition support curriculum. Positive outcomes for the graduates who received the support will be highlighted, as well as the benefits for the post-graduates who fulfilled the role. Our resulting draft transition support framework will also be discussed

Preceptorship and education roles are important aspects of transition support for new graduates, however,  there is also a role for an informal buddy peer support system which can be used to compliment other transition support roles.

Key Words: transition support, preceptorship, buddy