Jayne Hartwig

807 – Sharing the transition journey of nurses and midwives using creative reflections

The transition journey is a complex process for graduates. This presentation will share a creative way which has been used to help individuals reflect on their transition, resulting in an overall record of their journey, and a tool which can be used to communicate their experiences with others.

During their transition journey, graduates are encouraged to privately reflect on their experiences and participate in regular debriefs with peers. Both of these methods are effective, but don’t allow for sharing of the transition journey outside of the graduate group

Throughout their transition journey, graduates utilised creative ways to document their thoughts and feelings at 4 different stages. Initially it had been hoped that the footprint posters would provide insights for fellow graduates to assist with peer support.  However, the impact has been much broader. Undergraduates viewed the posters, giving them an insight into the journey ahead. Senior colleagues have reminisced about their own journeys whilst reflecting on the experiences of current graduates. At the end of the year, graduates have also been able to reflect on their overall journey as documented in their artwork.

The use of reflection continues to be an important aspect of our nursing and midwifery practice. Using creative ways to reflect can result in useful ways to debrief but more importantly, provide a tool for communicating with more junior or senior colleagues to describe the phenomenon of the transition experience.

Key words: Transition; reflection; debriefing.