Karole Hogarth

702 – Student outcomes enhanced by immersive approach to learning pathophysiology – 3 year follow up


KuraCloud Lt® ; is an interactive online learning resource that increases student engagement with the sciences. Lt has been integrated with clinical simulation and traditional learning methods such as tutorials and lectures to improve student success in a year 2 pathophysiology course.

Second year nursing students participated in an immersive learning experience related to a specific case study (on Lt) including the pathology and theory of the nursing care. This included lecture, tutorial, case study and simulation. The simulation reflected the case study with an extensive debrief to provide the linking of theory to practice. In 2015, assessment methodology was changed to 4 smaller tests so that students were assessed on blocks of information and a case study (5 cases) based examination. Tests were online with questions from the same pool as previous years.

Three years of follow up have shown that student success in a year 2 pathophysiology course has increased significantly with this intervention. 2014 n=112 (7 course fails), 2015 n=111 (0 course fails), 2016 n=98 (4 course fails). This is in comparison to the 2 years prior to implementation; 2012 n=106 (12 course fails), 2013 n=110 (12 course fails).

Student success indicates that the immersive model is an effective methodology that enhances student learning experience, improves understanding of disease processes and allows application and integration of developing nursing knowledge. These factors work together to improve clinical practice and student outcomes in a year 2 pathophysiology course.

Key words: Immersive learning; KuraCloud Lt®