Linda Deravin

1505 – Using technology to prepare students for new graduate interviews

Engaging students in the on-line learning environment provides additional challenges for educators in preparing undergraduate students for future practice. In this presentation we will share the experiences of introducing an online interactive interview platform and detail experiences from both the educator and student perspective

With the increase of undergraduate nursing students studying through the online environment, challenges experienced by educators include improving student engagement, and providing an authentic learning experience that will prepare students for the upcoming transition from student to clinician. Online students had expressed via student satisfaction surveys that they felt they were disadvantaged compared to on-campus students, who were able to engage in real time practice with the support of lecturers and other students in learning how to prepare themselves for an interview.

As part of the Quality Learning and Teaching initiative, Charles Sturt University sourced an interactive online platform that required the student to submit an audio visual file of themselves being interviewed. Educators were then able to view the video file and provide constructive feedback to the student. Although initial challenges were faced (by staff and some students) with the introduction of this new technology, both online and on-campus students embraced this simulated learning experience.

Students and educators can benefit from embracing new technology that enhances the student experience particularly for those studying in the online environment. Opportunities to provide authentic learning experiences through simulation can enhance the student experience when studying remotely.

Key words: interviews; new graduates; authentic learning; online environment.