Liz Ditzel

1205 – Using AdobeConnect in a Year 1 course: The student experience

The purpose of this presentation is to share what we have learned about the student experience of using AdobeConnect, a web conferencing technology (WCT) in a Year 1 nursing course.

For the past two years, weekly lectures have been given via AdobeConnect by a distance lecturer who also travels to campus to conduct four end-of-module group tutorials for Professional Nursing. Students (n=117) can use the device at any time or place to live-stream or listen later to recorded lectures on Moodle. Course feedback indicated the majority enjoyed this mode of teaching but many found using the technology challenging and wanted more face-to-face teaching. The lecturer also felt disconnected from students, despite using the interactive real-time features of AdobeConnect.

An end-of-year online survey yielded 88 responses (75.2%). Quantitative results affirmed the learning and teaching benefits of using this technology but identified areas for improvement. From the qualitative comments it appeared that students most like using WCT because “it can be accessed from the comfort of my home; there are not as many distractions; it is easier to look things up,” and “I can revise, re-watch and have time to think!” Negative aspects were also identified.

These findings, clearly identifying the learning benefits and challenges of WCT for students, helped us to improve the teaching design and delivery of our course.

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