Liz Manning, Jill Wilkinson & Kristina Hoeppner

1102 – Nurseportfolio: Where practice, education and regulation unite

Electronic portfolios have been evolving in the New Zealand nursing profession for the last six years, and this year the College of Nurses Aotearoa took over the ePortfolio originally devised by Ngā Manukura o Āpōpō.  This presentation outlines how the creative use of technology can lead change and transform and de-mystify the processes necessary for the regulation of the profession.  The purpose of Nurseportfolio is to offer nurses an easy to access, clean and effective platform to create and submit a portfolio for assessment. It is commonly used for Nursing Council recertification audits, or more recently, to develop a Nurse Practitioner (NP) application portfolio. Nurses using Nurseportfolio can be assured that their electronic portfolios are accepted by the Nursing Council.

An example is of Massey University’s NP students who are using Nurseportfolio. A tailored collection of pages was designed for the students which supports an application to the Nursing Council for NP registration while taking into account the education programme requirements. During the nine-month prescribing practicum that completes the clinical master’s degree, the assignment work that students complete is included in their portfolio as evidence of their clinical competence. The highly structured collection is aligned with the guidelines for NP applicants and has de-mystified the previously daunting portfolio requirements, streamlined feedback and verification processes.

Along with the revised site, the College has new support material and template portfolios available for a smooth and easy start to creating and keeping portfolios up to date wherever there is access to the internet.

Key words: Electronic portfolios; tailored collections; flexible approach; registration; regulation.