Neil Hellewell & Phil Garina

1405 – Having the learner curate their learning

Online learning is a tool to assist the delivery of business needs, and in healthcare this is better patient care. Increasingly, organisations are using online learning to deliver training. Traditionally, online learner management systems are about controlling and managing the learner. Some businesses strictly determine what learning staff are to complete. There is generally little room for exploration of learning and consideration of the wider needs of the learner. Healthcare is unique where patients present with a multiplicity of needs and conditions. To try and lock learning into strict regimented frameworks betrays the diversity of knowledge required for diverse and complex patient care. When health care staff can identify the relevance of learning to patient care and professional development, the more they will be engaged in the content. Each health care worker is unique and brings their own knowledge and skills to the workforce, and can identify what areas of their knowledge-base needs to be developed.

Allow the learner to drive their learning. Canterbury District Health Board, supported by Synapsys Ltd has aligned with other South Island health care organisations to focus on the development of a learner centred online learning platform. This presentation will discuss learner driven learning within an online environment, what this means and what we have learnt from this philosophical approach to learning.

Key words: online learner driven education