Rachel Marshall

503 Р Can two become one? The tale of merging two hospitals

Introduction and background

In 2010 the decision was made to develop a purpose-built facility for the rehabilitation of older people in Canterbury, New Zealand. This initiative was fast-tracked by the earthquake events of 2010/2011. In June 2016, seven Older Person Health wards from The Princess Margaret Hospital migrated to a new facility on the Burwood Hospital Campus. In this presentation we will discuss the metamorphic process we undertook through planning, preparation and ultimately moving from one hospital site to another and our role as hospital-based Nurse Educators supporting this transition.

Planning and preparation involved the merging of nursing education delivery for the two hospital sites before the move. Education commenced more than two years prior and focused on socialisation, loss and grief, the impacts of change and working together within new models of care.

We were also tasked with transitioning almost 1000 nursing and other personnel to the new facility. This process included orientation and familiarisation to the new environment, emergency procedures and training on new equipment as well as ¬†embedding new ‘ways of working’ guided by the agreed design principles and models of care.

In this presentation we take you on our journey of reflection: on what worked well, what challenged us, and what we would do differently if we had to do it all again.

Key words: transition; transformation; reflection.