Rebecca Fairclough

707 –¬†Classical style training for new age nurses

The school of nursing has recently seen a dramatic rise in student applications for its baccalaureate of nursing programme. Many of the applicants are from students who far exceed its minimum entry requirements and are not from the local area. WITT has a yearly intake of 2000 students for its programmes. A small proportion of these (n=55) apply for the very limited placements on the undergraduate pre-registration nursing programme. Research indicating the reasoning for tertiary education selection in nursing is limited. This is also unexplored within WITT.

It was identified that the primary reason given for why students had chosen to study at WITT, was the unique apprenticeship style curriculum offered.  This model approach to training was considered by the participants as attractive.

Apprenticeship models of study are extremely attractive to prospective students. Students felt their learning was a more effective form of study and they were able to apply some theory to practice immediately. This has implications for how nurses are trained and also retention rates.

Perhaps this is a model other nursing schools should consider adapting or developing? Further research is required in this area.

Key words: Apprenticeship model; Theory to practice.