Shannon Bakon, Martin Christensen & Lisa Wirihana

604 – Advancing student nurse knowledge of the biomedical sciences: A mixed methods study


Nursing students’ ability to learn, integrate and apply bioscience knowledge to their clinical practice remains a concern.


To evaluate the implementation, influence, and student perspective of a team-teaching workshop to integrate bioscience theory with clinical nursing practice.


This study employed a sequential explanatory mixed methods design. An evaluation survey with quantitative and qualitative items and a focus group have been employed . The qualitative data has been analysed using a thematic approach. The quantitative data was combined with the emergent themes in the qualitative data. Nine participants in their final year of nursing attended the workshop. All students completed the evaluation and 44.4% attended the focus group.


The results revealed six themes:

  1. Lectures are an inadequate teaching strategy for bioscience;
  2. Teaching strategies which incorporate active learning engage students;
  3. The team-teaching workshop provides an effective learning environment;
  4. The workshop content should be expanded;
  5. Pharmacology should relate to bioscience, and bioscience should relate to nursing; and
  6. Team-teaching was effective in integrating pharmacology with bioscience, and then translating this into nursing practice.

The workshop that was based on team-teaching, bridged knowledge gaps, utilised active learning strategies and provided an effective learning environment.


Team-teaching that employs active learning strategies is an effective approach to assist nursing students to integrate bioscience knowledge into their nursing practice.

Key words: Team-teaching; Bioscience; Nursing; Education.