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Verbal nursing handovers: An integrative review of the different models available


The handover of information is a key nursing responsibility that ensures patient outcomes through continuity of care. Inadequate handovers are recognised as an opportunity for miscommunication that may lead to adverse health outcomes. There are many processes available to assist with the standardisation and conveyance of this information as this process is widely recognised as an opening for error that may compromise patient safety.

To explore the literature surrounding the different types of handover models available and their efficiency in improving handover communication practice.

Review Methods

This paper was an integrative literature review that employed an inductive exploratory design. A computerised database search was employed including CINAHL, PubMed and Science Direct and a manual citation search with included papers limited to papers published 2005-2016, in English with full text freely available. This included a systematic search strategy, a critical appraisal of the papers utilising the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme, an inductive data extraction and thematic analysis.


Fifteen papers were included in this review. The results detailed that there are various handover models in use, yet there is no evidence that any one model is superior to another or that any one model can be utilised generically in most health care settings.


More research is warranted to determine if any of the stated tools are able to be generically applied or adapted to several different acute settings.

Key words: Communication; Framework; Handover; Hand off; Nurse.