Isabel Jamieson

1203 – Transitioning to being a professional: Inter-professional clinical placements for nursing and Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) students

The intent of this research pilot project was to co-allocate Nursing and SLT students undertaking their clinical placements in an acute hospital setting so that they could work collaboratively with one patient or with a group of patients.

Students were paired and placed for weekly placements over a semester. Their attitudes towards interprofessional learning and teamwork were assessed via the University of West England Entry (UWE) Level Interprofessional Questionnaire (Pollard et al., 2004) pre and post the placement. The interprofessional goals for the students were defined around case-based discussion including: how the pair communicated around the needs and goals of the patient; what tasks were completed to enable appropriate management within the team context;  what they learnt from the shared experiences that highlighted the differences between their professions and themselves as individuals.

Previous research using the UWE questionnaire had shown that undergraduate students become more negative in their views towards interprofessional interactions following a clinical placement. It was hoped that by creating a formal interaction between these two professional groups, that their attitudes towards interprofessional interactions would become less negative post-placement.

The details of setting up the project and the findings will be the focus of this presentation with recommendations for future research.

Key words: transition; interprofessional practice; research.