Tracey Bruce & Kirsten Gunn

1104 – An evaluation of an inaugural Child Health Acceleration Programme (CHAP)

The purpose of this presentation is to report on an evaluation of the inaugural Child Health Acceleration Programme (CHAP) (June 2016-June 2017) obtained through a focus group interview with the participants. CHAP is a 12 month rotational programme through clinical areas in Child Health in one District Health Board (DHB), developed jointly between the DHB and Ara, Christchurch the local education provider. The main aims of CHAP are to further develop critical thinking, assessment skills, clinical reasoning, and leadership in Registered Nurses (RN’s) working in Child Health.  This is to enhance working relationships, across nursing and other health professions to potentially accelerate career progression, in addition to being attractive for recruitment and retention of RN’s.

A cohort of three RN’s, each from different clinical areas within Child Health, were selected from six applicants for the first year. In addition to the clinical rotations of four months duration, the applicants were supported through Health Workforce Funding to undertake two level 8 papers in Child Health Nursing. An evaluation will be undertaken to explore the RNs’ experiences of undertaking CHAP, including the influences of CHAP on their professional practice, the impact of studying concurrently whilst on CHAP, and possible benefits for children and their families/whānau.

A literature review was undertaken to identify what key areas to explore in the focus group interview. All RN’s (n=3) who participated in CHAP were invited to join the focus group for the evaluation on completion of the programme in June 2017. The focus group will be facilitated by a third party (an experienced RN in a Senior Education role in the DHB) to remove any bias and to encourage the RN’s to speak openly and honestly as the facilitator was not involved in CHAP in any other way.

It is the intention of the authors to present the findings of the focus group interview.

Key words: Child Health; education; evaluation.